Calling all Shoestring Solopreneurs™!

PersistenceShoestring Solopreneurs™ are scrappy, innovative and a blast to be around. You have fire in your belly, big dreams in your heart and your feet firmly planted in reality. You don’t give up. Ever.

But the reality hurts.

You have more time than money. You struggle. The fact is, you need help and you believe can’t afford it yet…and that can kill your dreams if you aren’t careful!

  • “I need more clients – but my money ran out. How do I reach more people without spending more money?”
  • “I need more money – but I don’t have time to work with more clients. How can I be more productive without working more hours?”
  •  “I know I need help! But where do I find help, and how can I afford to hire someone?”

I’m a Shoestring Solopreneur™. I get your pain. In fact, I’ve been helping Shoestring Solopreneurs™ flip their crappy realities into exciting adventures for quite some time now. Maybe you’ve been downsized, and you’re ready to be your own boss. Maybe you’re a new retiree looking for a new adventure. Maybe you’re wondering where you’ll find the money to get started. Wherever you are, and however you got there, I have some great stuff here for you.

“Bonnie really is an Imaginator. In our 90 minute phone call,
she helped me get unstuck in my business.”

SJ McKay, Victoria, BC

Forget feeling inadequate. Forget the embarrassment of being broke. Forget the fear. That won’t help you – but what you find on this site will. Ready to dream big? Get ready for the roller coaster…you’ll love the energy that explodes out of a creative brainstorming session with me!

I’ll show you how to zero in on what you do amazingly well. I’ll help you express the heart of your business – so it makes sense to you AND the people who really need and want to hire you. I’ll help you get clarity around your marketing content, and get rid of unnecessary fluff and conflicting messages.

“…one great idea kicks the entire process into high gear.
It was *fabulous*! Bonnie pushed my thinking hard and shared
terrific resources. I left energized and with more than enough
information to confidently lay out the plan for the next steps.”
Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance

Ready to minimize the time and money you spend on administrivia, on marketing, and on outsourcing? Go here to find great resources. I tested them and continue to use them, some I’ve created myself. I KNOW these things work and best of all, they fit into a shoestring budget. In fact, some are even free!

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Get in touch with me when you’re ready to explore ideas, systems and tools that can boost your success even more.