Congratulations! You made it to RETIREMENT!

Now you have the time – do you have enough money?

Many retirees stumble at this point. After a lifetime of struggling to pay off debts, raise a family, and put away a nest egg for retirement, the reality hits hard.

I help new retirees and pre-retirees discover how to supplement their retirement income with unique, fun, or interesting income streams. If you want to get right to that, head on over to the Hire Me page.

So, you’re retired. What do you do first? Do you indulge in your hobbies? Do you book tickets to Ireland? Do you investigate lakefront properties? Wait…all those things cost a lot of money. Will your savings be enough?

The choices are endless. The potential risks are paralyzing. So you do nothing. Spend nothing. Take no risks.

That’s what happened to us. When my husband retired, it shocked us both. Retirement was nothing like we had dreamed!

You can read about some of our adventures…and misadventures…on the blog here. We are having fun now, but it wasn’t (and isn’t) always easy.

You probably denied yourself at least a few “indulgences” so you could be financially responsible, just as we did. But, also like us, you’re probably wondering if you saved enough. Why not make sure you’ve got what you need – and have some fun into the bargain?

You can turn your time into profitable income streams. You can power your retirement indulgences without tapping into your nest egg. You can have fun while making a profit.

Best of all – you can do all the things you’ve been denying yourself. Spend time with your grandkids. Renovate your house. Travel the world. Learn a new skill. Teach someone else a new skill. Take up new hobbies. Visit with family and friends.

How much money do you need? You decide.

How can you make money as a retiree? You decide.

I’ll help you create your Income Stream Evaluator so it’s easy to zero in on the ideas that will work for you. You’ll never have to waste time on ideas that don’t resonate with you or don’t fit your ideal lifestyle.

How do you get started? Contact me. Together we’ll discover your unique opportunities to power up your retirement fun. Head on over to the Hire Me page and let’s get started!

Not ready to commit yet? Check out the blog for some interesting ideas you can try too. Or read about how we are creating our retirement lifestyle.

Have a retirement story to share? I’d love to hear how you’re creating new income streams, or getting creative with income streams, or using inventive ideas to make the most of your money.