About Bonnie

BonnieTW_lr_2013_2My name is Bonnie Taylor-Wachowicz. I’m a Shoestring Solopreneur™ at heart and I help other Shoestring Solopreneurs™ be more successful. Marketing is my main focus.  I consult with small business owners, I write marketing copy, I write and present business how-to’s, teleclasses, seminars, and more.

Strong marketing systems make your small business more successful.

I take the mystery out of creating and using systems that will work for your unique business.  I’ll help you set up systems that are easy for you to follow. Systems that turn time-consuming drudgery into easy-breezy tasks you’ll hardly have to think about.

I believe you have something special to offer the world, too. I know you want to make the most of your limited time and even more limited money, and I can help you flip fear into excitement.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to uncover the right path for your business. I have a gift for drawing those dreams and ideas out into the light, and then envisioning the possibilities. Turning dreams into reality is beyond exciting.

“I was really impressed by the quality and content of Bonnie’s work both in preparing for the session and then in helping me put together a strategy. As a result of my first newsletter, I’ve had three new pieces of work on the first day, several clients have been back in touch and I have new sign-ups too. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs either to set up their email marketing campaign or who needs some fresh ideas.”
Susan Moore, Moore VA, UK

This is what I believe about successful business ownership:

  • It is essential to have a strong business foundation – it doesn’t have to be so hard to build it.
  • It is essential to offer good value for fair rates – it isn’t necessary to offer services that don’t fit your gifts and talents.
  • It is essential to have visions of grandeur – it isn’t essential to chase every shiny idea.
  • It is essential to have courage – but courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the ability to see that fear is simply the dark side of excitement.

Live cheap, dream big. That describes my journey, and I find joy in the challenge of turning big dreams into reality…on a shoestring budget. Contact me if you’d like my help on your Shoestring Solopreneur™ journey.

About Rosie

Sinking FeelingRosie is my “business partner” and muse. Rosie is a Siberian Forest Cat. She reminds me not to panic when I think I’m “sinking”. She makes me laugh when I think I’m working too hard. And she encourages me to climb as high as I think I can…and then go a little higher. She reminds me that I have something special to offer (she thinks it’s kitty treats, but I’ll take encouragement wherever I can get it!).

Most of all, she inspires me to find the words to inspire other Shoestring Solopreneurs™.