What does retirement look like for you?

I work with new retirees and pre-retirees who are ready to create their ideal retirement lifestyle.

It’s fun to dream of a life with no responsibilities, no alarm clocks, endless vacations, and time for all kinds of hobbies. Once we arrive at the door to retirement, the reality can be a shock. All the things we imagined doing turn out to cost a lot more than we thought.

Together we uncover unique ways to combine fun with profit. Whether your decades of hard work have paid off with a decent nest egg, or hard times have scrambled your nest egg, it IS possible to create a retirement lifestyle that is satisfying, fun, AND profitable.

Money (or lack of it) isn’t the only thing that can trip up your retirement plan – but it’s one of the easiest things to fix!

You might need only a little bit of income to support a hobby, or maybe you want to spoil your grandkids a little more.

Maybe you want to travel the world, or build your dream home.

You decide.

You worked hard all your life (probably at jobs you didn’t always love). Now it’s time to reap your rewards.

If you are a new retiree or pre-retiree, I invite you to work with me. Together we will discover your unique income streams, and create actionable plans that resonate with your ideal retirement lifestyle. My 2-step process is guaranteed to give you at least three options that resonate with you, and a step-by-step plan you can implement at the pace that suits your new lifestyle.

I semi-retired when my husband retired. Our vision of the retirement lifestyle didn’t really pan out to begin with, but we’re getting there. Retirement is a work in progress. Yours likely will be too.

Instead of working every day (including weekends) at my business, like I used to do, now I take a more seasonal approach. Canadian winters can be harsh. It’s the perfect time for me to work with clients – virtually. No bad roads to navigate.

What would your ideal seasonal lifestyle look like?

In the summer we like to explore Canada from our fifth wheel trailer. I’m inspired by the scenery, wildlife, and interesting people that we meet in our travels. Each trip uncovers at least one new idea for an income stream! In fact, I can even work while we’re on the road. I designed a mini-consultation exactly for those occasions, so I can work with someone on the spot. I also offer a lunch-n-learn style seminar that can go anywhere. Camp where we camp, and you just might meet me in person!

My husband and I both enjoy a lot of hobbies. Now we have time to dabble in many of them, and dive deep into a few. New ideas for income streams pop up all the time. Often those ideas turn out to be good for someone else, because they don’t quite fit all our criteria.

Would you like to be a “Sherlock Holmes of income streams”?

The biggest change I’ve made since semi-retiring is that I’m writing for myself. In the past all my writing was business-related. Marketing copy. Emails. Newsletters. Website copy. Reports and guidebooks. All fun and interesting projects (and I still do a few of those), but it’s not the same as writing fiction.

What is the biggest change you want to make in retirement?

I currently have two stories in progress. One is about quilting, which is a hobby I have begun seriously indulging in since 2014. I’ve dabbled in the past, but now I have a “real” sewing room, excellent equipment, never enough fabric, millions of ideas, and quilt stores are a part of our camping explorations. Quilting is currently my reason for “semi” retirement – fabric is not cheap! But now all my purchases count as “research”.

We adopted a Siberian Forest Cat when my husband retired. Rosie is a big part of our lives, and she shows up in my writing often. She loves camping almost as much as we do. She tolerates a leash so she can be outside with us when we’re camping. We bought a bigger fifth wheel trailer so she has more space to play inside.

I trained Rosie to curl up in a basket on the desk when I’m working on my computer. She has a special spot in my sewing room where she oversees my quilting progress. In turn, Rosie has trained me to take her outside on demand, give treats on demand, play with her on demand, and cuddle on demand. My husband even built her a large catio where she is safe from coyotes and hawks.

How do pets fit in to your retirement? 

Now you know my big reasons for creating extra income. My husband and I have multiple income streams. Some are better than others, but each one fits the criteria we have chosen as a viable income stream for us.

If you have big reasons for creating extra income, and a lot of questions about viable income streams, get in touch with me. I’m excited to help you discover the joys of living the retirement life you have been waiting for.