Jobs are tight. Budgets are tighter. And you’re short staffed.

I can help.

SecretWeaponI offer administrative services on a project basis to help fill temporary office staff needs. Onsite as a casual employee (to comply with insurance and workers’ compensation requirements) or offsite as a contractor.

I work with small businesses when they have a big project to complete and need a little help with the admin part. Things like entering business cards into a contact database after you have attended a big event. Or developing forms and templates for your next webinar or seminar. It’s short term, convenient, behind the scenes, and flexible.

And nobody else needs to know I was ever there!

Administrative/VA Services

  • Data entry; social media monitoring; website updates.
  • Report writing; procedure manual writing; newsletter writing; proofreading and editing.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys; client testimonial requests.
  • Set up contact management systems.
  • Set up email marketing account; create newsletter template.
  • Create fillable forms (Word or PDF).
  • In-house training for MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote).
  • Need something else? Just ask!

If you’re looking for temporary administrative help, contact me to book a free consultation. 

Benefits of a free consultation:

  • Identify gaps I can fill BEFORE you need me.
  • Pre-plan for unexpected events – vacancies or new projects.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline administrative processes.
  • Peace of mind knowing your office staff won’t return to overwhelming workloads.

Administrative services (onsite or virtual) are just one aspect of the multiple income streams philosophy that I live by. If you’d like to explore what your multiple income streams could include, check out my mini consultation on the Resources page.