Adventures in Longarm Quilting Research

I wish I could say my longarm quilting machine research has been a wonderful experience, but I can’t quite bring myself to say that.

Last weekend I did my longarm rental training. A few days later I rented a longarm machine for four hours. The entire process was a $*&# show beginning with the multiple attempts to book my training and rental time, right to the end of my rental time. But I DID get my quilt done. If I quilted it by hand, it would take me a year! Isn’t that pretty stitching?

I admit that I am not really too upset about all the things that went wrong with this rental process. I was able to load up on stories and ideas that I am fairly certain will make it into my new book.

Sorry…but as the saying goes “if you didn’t want me to write bad things about you, you should have behaved better”!

For example:

  • This company doesn’t answer their phone. I’m not sure why they advertise two different phone numbers, but they don’t answer either one. I think I discovered the reason when I spent FOUR HOURS in their studio and never once heard a phone ring. Perhaps they don’t know that you can turn the phone ringer on???
  • They also don’t return email messages and Facebook messaging is hit and miss. Mostly miss.
  • After being PROMISED at the training session that I didn’t need to purchase batting that day for my rental just a few days later, I showed up at my rental time to discover that they didn’t have any batting. Bad enough discovery…but several of the staff suggested I could just run down the road to another store. In fact, there were two within a 10 minute drive. No big deal in their eyes. I can’t even begin to tell you what a big deal it was to me…you’ll have to wait and read about it in the book when I get it written!

The experience could have been worse, because I WAS able to get my quilting completed. Really, it turned out to be exactly the research I needed! After all, a story is not much of a story if the hero/heroine just sails through their story.

I hope this company is able to solve their enormous communication and customer service problems. They have quite a cool business model that I believe has enormous potential. Unfortunately potential is useless without motivation.

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