Luxury Lifestyle

What is your idea of a luxury lifestyle?

I am cheap – I don’t like spending money where I don’t need to. So my definition of “luxury” may not be yours.

For example, I hate driving on bad winter roads and I am not a morning person. It is a luxury to wake up slowly instead of being jarred awake by the sound of an alarm. It is a luxury to set my schedule based on the weather.

There is more to my luxury lifestyle than just waking up without an alarm. I can choose when I work on specific tasks. During the winter I work with clients more. I write my marketing content, and schedule the delivery of most of it over the next year.

I spend less time on marketing in the summer – I only need to write current posts because I spent the winter writing “green” content. More time to spend on outdoor hobbies, another luxury.

Luxury extends from my work schedule to my leisure time too. In the winter I spend more time with creative pursuits – writing fiction, quilting, learning to draw, etc. All things that I can do from the comfort of home.

In the summer I spend time outdoors. Gardening, camping, and just relaxing in the backyard with a fire in the firepit. We upgraded to a larger fifth wheel trailer so we had the luxury of a high ceiling in the bedroom – and we sometimes splurge at campsites to have full hookups. See what I mean? We ARE cheap!

As you create your “luxury lifestyle”, be aware of those little day to day luxuries. What does your ideal day, week, season, etc. look like? What are the small luxuries that you have been missing out on? What would you have to change to take advantage of those opportunities now?

If you’re stuck on how to create a lifestyle that is filled with daily small luxuries, get in touch with me. I can help.