Is your marketing message – your purpose – clear? Are you living the life your business was meant to provide for you? Are you living your purpose?

  • If your website doesn’t invite those people in, you’re not living your purpose.
  • If your brochures and business cards don’t inspire you – OR your people – you’re not living your purpose.
  • If people don’t make eye contact with you when you say your tagline, and avoid you for the rest of the event – you’re not living your purpose.

You can’t. Your purpose is wrapped up in your people. So unless you can get the words out to your people, the words that only they will recognize and resonate with, you’ll miss out on a whole lot of things.

I offer a range of consultation packages, as detailed below. Each of these can be tailored to your specific needs. Please contact me for pricing. If you’d like to read what people have to say about me and my work, download this pdf: TMT_Testimonials

Marketing Message Tune-Up

First, I’ll analyze your current marketing materials (print and online). Then I’ll offer at least three ways to improve your results. If you haven’t quite nailed down that one big purposeful message and the answer is hidden within a hodgepodge of materials, I’ll help you uncover it. I offer several options for audits (website pages, newsletters, specific marketing campaign, and more). It’s affordable, it’s fast, you can make changes right away that will make a difference to your results, and there is no obligation. If you decide you want my help to make some changes, that’s ok too!

Editing & proofreading of written copy

You write, I edit. I edit for the basics (spelling, typos, grammar) and then I edit for clarity. Your writing will sparkle and hold your readers’ attention. This DIY approach is the best way I know to boost your income on a shoestring marketing budget.

Create email marketing copy calendars

Together we’ll come up with writing & publishing dates for your ezines and autoresponders that work within your schedule, with topics your clients will love. If you hire me to write the copy for your ezine and autoresponders, initial and annual strategy sessions are included at no extra charge.

Marketing Strategy

I’ll help you create an achievable plan with focus on appropriate marketing channels. If you hate Twitter, it shouldn’t be on your marketing strategy. But maybe that’s where your clients are. How do you decide what’s the best use of your marketing minutes? Together we’ll come up with a strategy that fits your schedule and appeals to you AND your clients.

Profit From Your Passions Consultation

Sometimes, your purpose isn’t clear. Maybe you’ve dabbled in a few businesses that eventually failed, or been sucked into a business of someone else’s making because you weren’t sure what you wanted to do. If you aren’t happy in your current business, or if you’re just thinking about starting a business, you’ll have the best success in a business that suits your skills AND keeps you interested, even excited, about what you offer.

A Profit From Your Passions Consultation begins with a review of where you are now, what’s working for you and where you are just not satisfied. You’ll have homework to help you get through this part. Then we’ll work together to uncover the hidden gems of your true purpose. A full consultation consists of a homework assignment, two recorded phone conversations (30-60 minutes each), and follow up email. At the end of the consultation process, you’ll have a clear path identified, with steps you can easily follow.