If you are in business, you need to be marketing. Website copy, newsletter, social media, postcards, sell sheets, brochures…at some point you’ve probably used most – if not all – of these, and more. But unless writing is your business, it’s probably a time consuming and frustrating task for you or your staff.

I invest a lot of time and money into learning the techniques and secrets of writing kick-ass compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, and gets the results that you need. From writing my own marketing copy (websites, newsletters, brochures, ads, and more) to writing ebooks and training courses on email marketing and virtual assistance, to assisting clients with their marketing copy, I’ve had a lot of experience!

The following are some of the projects I’m most commonly asked to do:

Email Marketing

Even the worst newsletter will cause a spike in website traffic, but with great copy you will see more sales and clicks too. Begin with an audit of your emails, autoresponders and newsletter content. I’ll help you spruce up your content with a strong, consistent message that carries through all of your email communication.

Model emails

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could respond quickly and consistently to common inquiries and client reminders? Model emails make this an easy task – so easy you don’t even need to outsource your client communications!


An easy strategy to “set it and forget it” for new client orientation, new subscribers, and existing clients too. You’ll be amazed how much time this one improvement can save you. Set up an autoresponder for your media kit too, so you stay top of mind with prospective speaking opportunities.


It’s essential to your success to stay in your clients’ minds – newsletters make it happen. Your newsletter content can be reworked and re-used and compiled in so many ways. I’ll help you create a content plan that you can follow easily, while keeping your marketing message consistent. I offer content editing as well as copywriting. Complete email marketing services are available on a limited basis.

Client Raves

Nothing is more likely to boost your success like the words of happy clients. But how do you get those raves?


If your testimonials are old and unrelated to the work you are doing now, or if you don’t have testimonials at all, I can help. I will interview 3 to 5 of your best clients, write testimonials from their perspective, and get their approval. You’ll be able to post these on your website, in brochures, in newsletters and ads, anywhere that a customer testimonial will add weight to your credentials.

Success stories and case studies

Real life stories are even better for showcasing your work. Everyone loves a success story! I’ll interview a client of your choosing, do research as needed, then create a 3-7 page success story/case study that clearly demonstrates the problems your company solves, how you solve the problems, and why it matters to your client. The final copy will be provided in pdf format suitable for printing or downloading.

It’s All About YOU

Know, like, trust…you know the rest. Help your potential clients get to know you better with strong information about who you are, and how you can help.

Media Kit

Is your Media Kit available on your website? If it’s more than a year old, it probably needs an update. Maybe it needs a complete overhaul. I’ll turn your tired media kit into a charismatic calling card that reflects all you have to offer.

Ebooks, Special Reports and White Papers

These short publications are the successors to your book. Or books. I’ll help you create information products based on your existing content, research that I do, and interviews with you – and your clients if you wish. You’ll have a great product that you can offer as a marketing give-away or for profit. Take it a step further and make it available on hard copy too. It’s no secret that a book is guaranteed to boost your credibility. When you speak to a group of people, you may not be paid much for the event – back of the room sales can boost your profits for the event AND draw in new clients from the audience.


Video is rising in popularity – and it works. If you don’t have a video on your website, I’ll help you create a script that speaks to your prospective clients and draws them in to work with you. Together we’ll create a content plan for one or a series of video spots that you can link to from your newsletter, in your email signatures, and on social media. Watch your marketing results soar!

Everything Else

I offer a wide range of copywriting and consulting services. If the project you need is not listed here, download a more complete project listing with rates here, or contact me for a quote.

View samples of my copywriting here.

If crappy copy is holding you back from business success, let’s talk.