Hire me if…

  • You’re freaking out because you don’t know what to do with your time now that you are retired.
  • You’re afraid to the things you planned to do in retirement because they cost too much.
  • You’re sitting on the couch wondering “Is this all that there is?”
  • You’re going through the Help Wanted ads because you don’t want to tap into your nest egg yet.

I help new retirees and pre-retirees discover unique ways to support their ideal lifestyle.

I’m a “Sherlock Holmes of income streams”. I love discovering ways to combine multiple interests into money-making opportunities. I especially like working with people who have a flexible schedule and lots of experience to draw from.

When you work with me, you’ll re-discover your dreams. Together we’ll uncover the path to your ideal retirement lifestyle. You’ll have a concrete plan that is easy for you to implement, at whatever speed you choose.

My two-part consultation process is guaranteed to give you:

  • At least three income-generating ideas that resonate with you.
  • A customized plan that you can put into place at your own pace.
  • Audio recordings of our calls, so you can recapture your enthusiasm again and again.
  • A customized Income Stream Evaluator tool that you can use with any new opportunity.

Caution: The energy that is released during this consultation process is exhilarating.

Part One

We start with your homework assignment. It isn’t a difficult assignment but you’ll want to be comfortable with a cup of coffee or maybe even a glass of wine. A big part of your results will start with the answers you provide in the assignment.

Once you complete your homework assignment, it’s time for us to talk. I’ll record our call, and we will use your answers as a springboard for ideas and options that might work for you. This is also how we discover what won’t work for you – just as important!

We’ll develop your customized Income Stream Evaluator in this step, and you’ll learn how to use this tool for every opportunity you uncover even after we’ve finished working together!

Part Two

Now we’re ready to create a realistic action plan that you can implement at the pace you choose.

You’ll have a second homework assignment based on your customized Income Stream Evaluator. It’s important to sit with the discoveries we’ve made, to let the ideas sink in. Sometimes what sounds like a great idea isn’t really ideal for you. Don’t throw the idea out, because a few small tweaks could make it perfect!

Our second call further refines your Income Stream Evaluator. Then we create your custom Action Plan, using the ideas that resonate with you, laid out step by step so you can easily implement your new income stream(s). This call will also be recorded.

What You Need To Know

I never know in advance what will be uncovered. That’s what makes the process so exciting! This is not a “canned” process – it is intuitive, collaborative, and unrestrained. You’ll never hear me say “You can’t do that”, or “That’s a crazy idea, it will never work”.

I believe most things are possible, as long as a person is honest about how much they want it to happen and what they are willing to do to make it happen. There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t want to work that hard to get this result”. This is all about finding what you DO want, and what resonates with you. There are all kinds of ways to sell a book, for example. You might not want to run a bricks and mortar store selling sports-themed books, but selling your own sports book on Amazon might be a perfect fit.

Most importantly – you need to know that there are NO WRONG ANSWERS.


If you’re ready to explore your possibilities, get in touch with me here.

“…one great idea kicks the entire process into high gear. It was *fabulous*! Bonnie pushed my thinking hard and shared terrific resources. I left energized and with more than enough information to confidently lay out the plan for the next steps.”
Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance

Did I mention my guarantee? If I can’t help you uncover at least three income-generating ideas that resonate with you, I’ll refund your money. There is really no risk for you.

The real question is…are you ready to create your ideal retirement lifestyle?

Book your consultation now.