Are you excited about retirement?

Or terrified that your money will run out before you get to do all the things you’ve dreamed of doing?

I work with new retirees and pre-retirees who are ready to create their ideal retirement lifestyle.

For many of us, retirement is NOT what it was all cracked up to be. It feels more like being dropped out of a plane without a parachute.

You THINK you are ready. You worked hard. You saved your money. You waited and waited, dreaming of this day. And now you’re here. Ready to travel. Ready to explore new hobbies. Ready to have fun.

Then reality hits. Everything is more expensive than you planned. Without the structure of a job, it feels impossible to move forward. Every choice feels enormous and filled with pitfalls.

It doesn’t have to be so scary!

When you work with me, you’ll re-discover your retirement dreams. Together we’ll uncover the path to your ideal retirement lifestyle. You’ll have a concrete plan that is easy for you to implement, at whatever speed you choose.

My two-part consultation process is guaranteed to give you:

  • At least three income-generating ideas that resonate with you.
  • A customized plan that you can put into place at your own pace.
  • Audio recordings of our calls, so you can recapture your enthusiasm again and again.

The energy that is released during this consultation process is exhilarating.

The first part begins with a homework assignment that paves the way to your doors of possibilities. The first call with me opens those doors so we can explore what’s on the other side.

The next part is to create a realistic plan that you can implement at the pace you choose. You’ll have a second homework assignment based on our discoveries during the first call. A second call focuses your attention to Next Actions that resonate with you, laid out step by step so you can easily implement your new income stream(s).

The part I really love about a consultation is that I never know in advance what will be uncovered. This is not a “canned” process – it is intuitive, collaborative, and unrestrained. You’ll never hear me say “You can’t do that”, or “That’s a crazy idea, it will never work”. I believe most things are possible, as long as a person is honest about how much they want it to happen.

If you’re ready to explore your possibilities, get in touch with me here.

“…one great idea kicks the entire process into high gear. It was *fabulous*! Bonnie pushed my thinking hard and shared terrific resources. I left energized and with more than enough information to confidently lay out the plan for the next steps.”
Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance

Did I mention my guarantee? If I can’t help you uncover at least three income-generating ideas that resonate with you, I’ll refund your money. There is really no risk for you.

The real question is…are you ready to create your ideal retirement lifestyle?

Book your consultation now.