PowerPoint and Office 365

Have you seen the latest PowerPoint program? If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you have access to the latest and greatest versions of some pretty cool features.

I used PowerPoint for training sessions and seminars. It is easy to use, and it is easy to hire someone to create a slide deck if you’re just too busy to do it on your own. Now you can even create videos from PowerPoint!

Use these tips when you’re creating a slide deck for your presentation. I have been playing around with this presentation to see how the new features work. It’s not finished yet (next I’m going to play with audio and video options), but see if you can guess which tips I haven’t followed!  TMT_ScannerMarketing

  1. Keep each slide simple. Stand about ten feet back from your computer screen…can you read the page easily? If not, split the slide into as many as you need for the text and images to be easily seen. If you can read your computer screen from about ten feet away, your audience should be able to read it on a projector screen.
  2. Don’t read from the slides. It irritates the audience, and you’ll lose them when they read at a different speed than you are speaking. Instead, use each slide to gain interest from the audience. Use interesting pictures and images, use a minimal amount of text, and expand on the slide with your voice.
  3. Create speaking notes to go with each slide if you plan to use the slides as a handout. In the speaking notes you can expand on the slide content, adding relevant information that does not fit on the slide.
  4. Remember to include an action slide at the end of your presentation. It should contain your name, website URL, contact information, and your call to action. What do you want your audience to do next? Go to your website? Call you? Subscribe to the newsletter? Be very clear about the next step they should take.DO NOT give them five things to do – unless you are also giving them a handout of those five things they should do. In which case, leave it in the handout, not on the slide!
  5. Don’t be afraid to learn how to use PowerPoint. Tons of free training are offered for each Office 365 program. Microsoft offers all kinds of training options: go here and select “PowerPoint” and select the training you need.

Bonus Tip: record an audio to go along with your presentation and put the slide show with audio on your website as a downloadable file. You can ask for your audience to subscribe to your newsletter and offer this as a free download bonus.

Most important tip – have fun with it! Be creative. Take a few chances, and test what works with your audiences. Then keep tweaking your presentation.


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