Quilting Novel – The Beginning

I am writing a novel about quilting. I won’t say much more than that for now, because the plot is still evolving. If you like quilting, or stories about quilting, I invite you to join me on this writing adventure.

I will be posting here often about my progress. My writing goal is 2500 each writing day – but I don’t write every day.  Right now most of what I am writing won’t even make it into the final version. Character sketches, descriptions, and research results all count toward my word goal.

I wrote this story the first time in 2013 during NaNoWriMo. I managed to write over 50,000 words – but it was done very badly! Now I am tackling the job of rewriting the story and hopefully finding some content in the first draft that can be salvaged.

It is possible that three stories will come out of that initial mess. If you’d like to ride along with me on this writing journey, please do! I will be posting questions here and/or on Facebook to help me as I research how and why people do what they do.

For example – this week I posted a poll on Facebook about how people would act in a B&B. If you stayed in a B&B and saw a squeegee when you stepped in to shower, would you use it? Or would you feel like the fee you paid to stay at the B&B covers the cost of cleaning? Feel free to put your answer in the comments, the Facebook poll is only open for a few days.

There is no right or wrong answer, unless the character I am writing about chooses the wrong thing. And sometimes a little mistake in character can ruin the flow of a good story.

So, please join me on this adventure! Hopefully at the end I will produce authentic characters who will entertain you well.

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