Taylor Made Muse

Most writers (and other creatives) have a muse. Mine is a Siberian Forest Cat named Rosie. She is helping me write my first fiction novel.

When Rosie came to live with us, I knew we were going to have our hands full. Siberian Forest Cats are ACTIVE! Especially as kittens. Rosie would have played for 3 hours straight – if I was willing to stay on the other end of a toy. And after a short break for a snack or a nap she would have been happy with another 3 hours of play time!

As much fun as it is to play cat games, I also needed to get some work done. Retirement was still a little way off, and I needed to work!

And so began the process of training Rosie to become my muse.

I would sit at the computer. Rosie would jump on my lap. She would bat at my fingers on the keyboard. She would reach for the papers beside the keyboard.

I would put Rosie into the basket on the desk near me. She would immediately jump out, walk over to my keyboard and flop down on it.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Eventually I got smart. I put treats in her basket! BINGO! Rosie’s in the basket.

And…she’s out. As soon as the treats were gone, Rosie was back on the keyboard.

We persisted.

Eventually it worked. Now Rosie picks up her cue from me, and goes straight to her basket to snooze. Occasionally she first jumps on my lap for a quick snuggle. She also checks behind the laptop for any hidden treasures, but for the most part, she’s got her job figured out.

Not sure what I will use as my “excuse” for not working now.

Who – or what – is your muse?

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