What People Say About Bonnie Taylor-Wachowicz

“Be prepared to be guided into thinking about how to live your life as opposed to just reacting to circumstances.  You will be encouraged to look at your life as a wide-open vista of possibility, rather than thinking of it as a path that has continually narrowed with each choice, decision and circumstance that you have lived through or committed to.”

Ann, Virginia USA

About the consultation process:
“It takes you past your own self-created limitations, and shows you how you can move forward with a plan.  It shows you a different way of thinking and creates a very personal picture for you.”

Cherry Riffin, Alberta

“I highly recommend Bonnie as a consultant. She was very interested in my success and my interest. She suggested several different things that I had not even thought of.”

Christie D. Going, Tomball, TX

“I have been on a journey to reinvent my business for several months. In a very enjoyable 90 minutes Bonnie helped me see how I could connect my interests and skills to expand my revenue streams in ways I had not considered! Together we came up with 6 ideas and twice as many action steps to implement. Yet, I don’t feel overwhelmed, I feel excited and ready to explore each option. Bonnie’s imagination and insight provided an exciting direction to my journey.”

Assisting You Virtually
Ginger Derrickson

“Bonnie confirmed my suspicions that I am, indeed, a scanner type personality. Since we share that, our conversation was delightfully random, and only another scanner could have followed it. (A conversation between two scanners is like the YouTube videos that demonstrate nuclear fission with ping pong balls and mouse traps–one great idea kicks the entire process into high gear. It was *fabulous*!) Bonnie listened closely while I unloaded my grandest ambitions and supported me by proposing practical ways to begin developing those ideas now. She pushed my thinking hard and shared terrific resources. I left energized and with more than enough information to confidently lay out the plan for the next steps. Bonnie helped me to start running toward what I really want, and I recommend her coaching.”

Jeri Jensen, Con Brio Virtual Assistance

“Bonnie’s sound, simple and satisfying ideas challenge you in growing your business.  Bonnie is truly a business partner, not only as a time resource, but in many other ways.  I find Bonnie to be an excellent sounding board for all sorts of business ideas and her offering of a variety of options is always rewarding and fun.”

Wettstein Safety Strategies Inc.
John Wettstein, CRSP, Safety Training Consultant

“The part I have appreciated the most, has been Bonnie’s patient, but relentless, determination to educate me as to what I need to let go of as we continue to grow.  She is able to look at our organization from a strategic perspective and make recommendations that result in increased efficiency and effectiveness in my role as President.  Sometimes she’s making technology recommendations, other times it may be marketing ideas, but it’s always focused on how we can move forward faster with ease.”

Co-Author of Be the Leader They Love
Creating People Power
Linda Maul, Certified Executive Coach

“As a fellow VA, I know Bonnie to be very conscientious and dedicated to her profession.  All of my dealings with her have been professional and friendly.  She has a warmth and genuine way about her that transcends to all she does.  Bonnie’s follow up and attention to detail are superb!”

Virtual Assistant Training Program
Mary-Lou Ashton, Master Virtual Assistant

Bonnie is a professional trainer and consultant specializing in helping clients to communicate effectively through the use of Constant Contact, an online tool for maintaining contact lists, creating newsletters and other communication tools, and tracking results effectively. She really knows her stuff and has developed a series of programs that take her clients step by step through the process, achieving results at every stage along the way.

Bonnie also eagerly supports her colleagues whenever there is something to be done to help others achieve their goals more effectively. Thanks, Bonnie, for being there for me and doing a really professional job.

I recommend that you contact Bonnie for help in getting your email communications up to the standard you want to be known for.

Mary Lou Gutscher, Magnetic Business Solutions, Edmonton, AB

“The consultation helped me to step outside the box and think creatively to find ways to incorporate my existing skills and passions into my business.  It is exciting to see a pattern in my interests emerge over time with things I love and excel at doing, and to know there is a need for my skills. With that need, I can develop multiple streams of income or at least additional value-added services.  Also, you reaffirmed that I can design my business to fit the flexible lifestyle that I want.”

Here 2 Assist
Merri Taylor

“Bonnie really is an Imaginator. In our 90 minute phone call, she helped me get unstuck in my business. Based on information I provided about me and my business before our call, she helped me see many new and exciting possibilities for me to pursue. I went from feeling blocked and lost to feeling excited and hopeful with real steps to take. I quickly picked up 2 new clients using the creative ideas we talked about and I’m moving forward on several other ideas. I found our session to be very valuable.”

SJ McKay Victoria, BC